Pastor – Fr. Larry Swink

Assistants – Deacon Tony Sweeney & Deacon Mark Kijesky

Office Manager – Tracy Enkema

Parish Accountant – Laura Lancaster

House Keeping for Church and Rectory – Tam Powell & Angie Collins

Youth Minister – Anna Powell and James Parker

St. Mary’s College Campus Minister – William Bolin

St. Cecilia Parish Council

St. Cecilia Parish Council has been formed to assist the pastor in identifying and encouraging the ministries and services needed for the health of the parish community. Under Father Larry’s direction, the following committee chairs were identified and asked to serve on the council.

Vice-Chairpersons: Eric Chase and Beth Byrd
Worship: Wendy Carroll
Social Concerns: Barbara Bowman
Education: Mark Kijesky
Fellowship: Angie Collins
Facilities: Paul Evans
Communications: Ryan Naegele