June 27, 2021 – Summer Helper Column

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many of you know me already, but for those who do not, my name is Luke Collins. I am a high school graduate, and I was homeschooled all my life. I was born into a large catholic family, and I started attending St. Cecilia in 2013.

Growing up catholic, I never took my faith very seriously. I would attend Mass on Sunday and pray before meals, but that was the extent of my faith. Until one day, I was at a friend’s house. They had a priest over for confessions. They asked me if I would like to go. I had not been in a while, so I said yes. As I finished my confession, the priest started asking me questions about my faith. I was a little confused at the time because I did not know what spiritual direction was or this priest who was asking me these questions. Later that night, I found out that the priest’s name is Fr. Scott Woods. Little did I know, he would later be my pastor and spiritual director. Fr. Scott would inspire me to pray more often and help serve at the Mass. As I reached High school, he would help me grow in my faith by encouraging me to attend daily Mass, youth group, and many retreats with other young people.

Early in May, Fr Scott asked me to come and help him for the Summer. At first, I was a bit hesitant, but as I prayed about it, I realized that it would be a good way for me to discern the future wherever God calls me. It is sad to see Fr. Scott go, but I pray that he has the impact on other youth that he has had on me.

God bless,
Luke Collins

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