October 4, 2020 – Pastor’s Keyboard

While I was away on vacation, I received the sad news that Jane Kayser died. Jane was officially a member of St. Michael’s but often came to daily Mass and occasionally Sunday Masses at St. Cecilia. She was married to a great husband, Dave, who helped found our local youth group with two of his sons attending. He and his sons often helped at St. Cecilia and St. Peter Claver picnics and many other parish events in my first seven years here. Jane and her husband had six kids, now all adults. By God’s grace, all are still practicing their Catholic faith (nearly a miracle nowadays sadly).

What many might not know about Jane and her husband is that they came here after he lost his job in California and needed a fresh start.  Not too long after arriving here and building a home in St Inigoes, they started to homeschool their younger children.  Jane and Dave were active in scouts, parish life, and many other activities in our community.  Then Jane found out she had cancer.  It took a lot out of her, but with prayer, family, and a lot of community support, she beat cancer!  During this time, she led her children to weekly holy hours, helping to start adoration at St. Michaels parish. She often attended daily Mass and had a deep love of the Lord that had a great effect on her friends and family. 

Jane was blessed to live to see 15 of her 17 grandchildren (two are still in the womb). She was blessed to see three sons enter the military (all having been long time altar boys in all three parishes and one having spent time in seminary), she saw two of her three daughters happily married and working jobs they love, and a third daughter enter doctoral studies. Through it all, she spoke with her kids frequently, visited the local ones often, and was always there for them and her husband, Dave. 

Wednesday, just over a week ago, she felt sick and collapsed on the way to the car with her husband to head to the hospital. She literally began her journey home in the arms of her beloved husband and best friend. Jane’s life was not easy, but she would say it was very blessed. Through highs and lows, she clung to Jesus, her family, and her church.  She sought to raise her sons and daughters to know, to love, and serve the Lord and His Church.  She was an inspirational me and many others.

Please pray for the repose of her soul and for her family. Take her example and strive to live it out as we face all the valleys that we will have to travel through. The road may not be as long as we think, but if we travel with the Lord up the hills and down through the valleys, He will see us through to the Father’s House. Rest in Peace, Daughter of the King!

Your Father and Brother in Christ,

Fr. Scott Woods

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