July 26, 2020 – Pastor’s Keyboard

If you ask most pastors who are usually the most difficult people to work within a parish, and if they are honest, they will tell you it is the church musician! I am very blessed at both my parishes to have excellent, talented, humble, Christ-loving musicians who have been a joy to work with these 12 years.  Sadly, the time of service for us all is limited, but for most church Musicians, since they see it as a vocation (a call from God), they stay years, decades, and sometimes a lifetime. Down here, in St. Mary’s County, far from the colleges that turn out Musicians every year, it is often hard to find a talented church organist, piano player, and choir director. Yet, at both parishes, we have had them, and they have been with us for many years.

Today, I want to highlight Betty Wearing, our church Musician at St. Cecilia Church, who is now ending her tenure with us after 18 years of service.  At the beginning of COVID, Betty called to tell me she could not come in as long as pandemic was happening because of her need to protect her dad, who is in his 90’s.  We both thought this would last only a few weeks and then maybe a few months. Now that the experts are saying it will most likely last until next year, or longer, Betty recognized as much as she has loved working here, she was going to have to retire as our church musician at St. Cecilia.

Betty, like Roy at St Peter Claver’s, is extremely hardworking, kind, easy to work with, open to suggestions, and in love with God and His people. Many may not know this, but Betty has also acted beyond the job. She is the Sunday morning sacristan (one who set up for Mass), she used to shop for the food pantry, unlock the confessional, and assist visiting priest with the ins and outs of Mass at St Cecilia. Betty became a friend to several Parishioners, and has always watched out for me.  She has been a blessing to me personally and to the whole parish. Please pray for Betty and her family.

Your Brother and Father in Christ,

Fr. Scott

Side note:  William Bolin, our St. Mary’s College Campus Minister, has consented to take over the job leading music at St Cecilia’s. He plays organ, piano, and guitar.  He has lead music on many retreats and conferences all over the archdiocese and beyond.

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