May 31, 2020 – Pastor’s Keyboard

Pastors column: I recently read this about the Eucharist from one of my favorite mystics Catherine De Bar.

“All must remain in the silence of admiration. A God makes Himself our food! O astonishing prodigy! What are all the miracles worked by Jesus Christ during the course of His earthly life in comparison to this one? What a spectacle! What bounty! What charity! A God who gives Himself to us! O love! He who with three fingers sustains the universe is held by the priest. He who commands all of nature obeys a being who is nothing. He who is all-powerful makes Himself so dependent that He is in the power of His creatures; they carry Him, they bring Him wherever they choose. This is too much. Your charity, my Savior, goes even to excess! O incomprehensible miracle! Mystery forever inconceivable! No, the thought of man would not know how to attain it. “

How privileged we are to receive our Lord once again. Maybe one of the best things that could come from the long Eucharistic fast you have endured will be an even greater hunger to receive Him more often. Many are now home every day! Why not come to a daily mass or two? Temporarily, many no longer drive to work, so why not stop by at St. Peter Claver convent chapel or at St. Cecilia church to visit Jesus, who awaits us in the Blessed Sacrament? We are so privileged to have this chance once again to visit with the Lord. Let us pray that more people will come to enjoy and bask in the Eucharistic Presence of the Lord.

Your Father and Brother in Christ,
Fr. Scott Woods

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