April 26, 2020 – Pastor’s Keyboard

Pastors Keyboard: As many of you know, I am now offering Mass live streamed on Facebook and then leaving it taped on our parish Facebook page every day of the week. For a long time, I resisted doing this, fearing that it would be a distraction from true worship within the Mass, and for me. I have never liked being on T.V. or in photos. My own insecurities come out. Yet after persistent requests from parishioners, college students and others, along with an offer to do all the technology part from Cookie Pontzer (one of our Latin Mass parishioners from St. Peter Clavers), I finally decided to do it two Saturdays ago ( the Easter Vigil). The response was incredibly positive, and so many have said how much they appreciated it (even though it was tough since we had not worked out the kinks). I realized that we should do more.

When I called Cookie to ask if she would be willing to air more, maybe even daily mass and twice on Sunday, she immediately said “Father, that is exactly what I was going to ask you”. This seemed to be Divine Choreographer. Since then Cookie and her husband have found better ways to live stream and to get the sound and quality improvements that some were asking for. Mass last Sunday at Peter Claver had over 600 views as of Monday morning! Far more then attend all my Sunday masses put together. We do not know how many watch the whole Mass, just check out the Homily, or click in and click out. But after hearing from you the faithful how thankful you are to be able to see Mass at your parishes, I now see how the Lord once again arranged everything for your good and mine dispute my initial misgivings.

Please continue to pray for me and for the seminarians during this time. They are deep into their online classes while also taking on some of the task of helping me where they can with pastoral work. Know that we are praying daily for you and for your families. I am still offering the Masses daily for the Mass intentions, so let me know if you would like me to offer Mass for anyone.

Know that “The Lord is with you”! And He will see you and me through this extraordinary time. Let us be faithful, prayerful, generous, and trusting in the Lord.


Your brother and father in Christ,
Fr Scott

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