April 5, 2020 – Seminarian Introduction

Hello Everyone!  This here is Nicholas Morrison.  I am the seminarian who has been assigned to the parish with Fr. Scott for the summer.  With all the virus craziness, I have returned from school and have come to the parish here a few weeks early.  I am super excited to be here at the parish, and look forward to meeting you all and serving you all in the months to come.

As a way of introduction, here is a little about myself.  I come from a family of seven kids in Montgomery County, MD.  I was born into a family of dentists, as both my parents and multiple other family members are dentists.  I was homeschooled growing up, all the way through high school.  Despite all odds, I would judge my homeschooled family maintained some normalcy and were quite socialized.   We were very involved in sports and numerous activities growing up.  Swimming was my family’s main sport, although I enjoy playing just about everything.  I studied music, playing piano and picking up various other instruments along the way.  I have enjoyed being member of numerous choirs over the years, both church choirs and others.  To round it all out, I was also in a Shakespeare drama group and would put on performances with many of my friends in high school.  The parish has always been pretty central in my life and in that of my family.  Youth group was something I really enjoyed being apart of growing up, as well as serving Mass and being part of the church choir.

I began studying in the seminary right after high school.  I attended St. John Paul II Seminary, following on the heels of my older brother (Dcn. Jamie Morrison, who is currently preparing for priestly ordination), and later also being joined in seminary by our younger brother (Danny Morrison).  As part of seminary formation, I studied philosophy at Catholic University for four years.  After completing my courses at Catholic University, I was sent to Rome to begin tackling courses in theology.  It has been a huge blessing to study in Rome, right there in the heart of the Church.

I currently have now finished nearly seven years in formation, and have just over a year left before priestly ordination.  This summer will be a big step for me, as I hope to be ordained a deacon in just a few short weeks.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you all remain safe and healthy.  I am thrilled to be here at the parish, and hope to meet you all soon enough!  Know of my continued prayers for you, and please don’t forget to keep me in your prayers as well!

– Nicholas Morrison


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