March 22, 2020 – Pastor’s Keyboard

Pastor’s Keyboard: Recently, a Seminarian told me about a saint I had never heard of before; Saint Corona. St. Corona was a mere 15 years old when she became Christian during Aurelius’ persecution around the year 165 AD. When it was discovered that she was a Christian, she was out comforting another Christian who was being tortured for his faith. She was immediately imprisoned and tortured. St. Corona was tied to the tops of two palm trees bent down to the ground. When the ropes holding the trees down were cut, the trees sprang away from each other and back to their upright position. The force was so strong that Corona’s body was ripped in half. According to Roman martyr lore, this happened in today’s Syria. She lived around 177 AD and she is the Patron Saint against plagues!!! Her feast day is celebrated in Germany and it is celebrated on May 14!

I want to encourage you to ask through the intercession of St. Corona that this modern-day plague be overcome quickly.  Let us ask this every day. God places saints in our lives to aid and encourage us. While many may get sick, and some die, none of us will have to endure what she endured for the Love of God.

We do have to endure a lot during this difficult time. This is why we need to pray on our own, pray as a married couple, and pray as a family.  Prayer truly does move mountains and can have a powerful impact in ways that we cannot see. Let us pray hard, trust much, and do our part to stay well and keep others safe.

Your Brother and Father in Christ Jesus,

Fr. Scott Woods

One thought on “March 22, 2020 – Pastor’s Keyboard

  1. Missing our daily mass and yes we will get through this.

    Is it possible to write a special message to us on the website. I call Mr birch to check in him and he keeps asking if there is a message???


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