March 15, 2020 – Pastor’s Keyboard

Pastor’s Keyboard: Nunc Coepi – this phrase made popular by Josémaria Escríva, translates to “Now, I begin”. What this means is that now I shall begin anew. Now is the time to begin again. If you have fallen in your Lenten fasts, that is alright; simply begin again. This is what Christ asks us to do. If we love Him, we will begin again, and again, and again. Never let yourselves be discouraged in any endeavor for God. The Father knows your heart. He understands that we are weak. He understands that we must fight our flesh in our fasting to separate ourselves from our attachments to this world and attach ourselves to God Himself.

Put your concerns, fears, and insecurities to rest in God. That inner voice that says since we have fallen, the rest of our days are now tainted; this is the voice that will distance us from God– whether it be from the evil one himself, or from our own insecurities. If the Father is truly a good Father, why would He get mad at His children for trying to do something good, even if they fall short the first time? He sees us all struggling and He knows our hearts. What He asks of us is devotion. What does devotion look like? It means that –whether we like it or not– we fulfill our tasks. Even if we don’t feel like praying, even if we don’t feel like fasting — we do it anyways.

It is good that we fight our attachments to worldly things to strengthen our will. When our will is strengthened, we put off less and begin to do more; whether that be staying away from the TV, calling a friend or going the extra mile or two in our work so that some else’s life is easier. This is a major part of God’s life in us, to show His love to others through us. This is the goal of our lives– to love. And if we do fall short, the solution is simple: begin again – Nunc Coepi.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Scott Woods

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