November 3, 2019 – Pastor’s Keyboard

Pastor’s Keyboard: I recently received this from a directee who returned from a retreat and felt all of you could benefit from it.

Your father and brother in Christ, Fr. Scott

You will see it!

           As my retreat drew to a close, I found myself sitting at the window looking at the trees with all their vibrant colors and looking up at the mountainside watching the water running swiftly down the hill and joining with the brook below which was moving much faster than when we first arrived because of the storm that had passed through during the night.

The Lord used this moment to speak to me ever so gently. He said, “You see how much swifter and abundant the water flows in the valley during the storm. So does the movement of my Holy Spirit when life’s storms pass your way! In those dark valleys, my grace increases during those times even though you may not see it.

But if you are quiet –

You can hear it!

And if you wait for the morning light –

You will see it!


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