October 27, 2019 – Pastor’s Keyboard

Recently, Bill Merritt (a St. Peter Claver parishioner) came to me to tell me that he was having some health issues and would need surgery.  He said the recovery would be long and involve a lot of pain. I immediately knew that the hardest part for Bill was not going to be the pain that he was experiencing prior to the surgery or the pain that would come after.  It was going to be his inability to do all the many good works he was accustomed to doing for so many in our county and parish.

Years ago, Bill came to me after the death of his Godmother, Miss Ida, and said he felt called to take over her very active ministry to the sick.  As many of you know, he runs a very active business that keeps him busy seven days a week (though he always makes it to Mass, unless rescuing someone), yet Sunday and some week days, he and Ann are on the road visiting the sick in their homes and at hospitals all over the county and beyond.

We need more people like Bill and Ann Merritt who minister to those who are home bound.  In recent years many who use to visit the sick (Ida Briscoe and Mary Catherine and Hammett Stone) have gone home to the Lord or have had to step down.  In the old days, the priest had lots of time to visit all the sick on his own.  Those days are gone, and we need your help.  Some can’t help with this ministry by visiting the sick, but you can daily pray for them and lift up sacrifices for them.  Others can help, so please volunteer!  The days of Father doing everything are gone.  Who will be willing to step into the breach?

Your Father and Brother in Christ,

Fr Scott

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