July 14, 2019 – Summer Helper Column

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My name is Carson Phillips and I am currently a rising sophomore at Ave Maria University. My brothers and sisters, I am so blessed to have become a member of this community, under the guidance of Father Scott your prayers and help have impacted my life and for that I am eternally grateful. My friends I have been extraordinarily humbled these last few months, as I realize that our Lord is real and constantly interacting with his creation. The reality of God is easy to preach about, easy to write about, easy to become a tool to validate our life choices; but this is not who God is. The Godman Jesus Christ walked this earth alongside his beloved creation, not just as an example or a validation but rather to form a real and personal relationship with all men through the cross. Christ shows himself to us through his crosses, and this is something I have been running from my whole life and through your prayers and presence I am beginning to allow our Lord to show me who he is, and what he desires of me. Ever sense I joined the Church I have been hiding from our Lord, plagued by guilt caused by doubt or questions, but my friends I have learned that our Lord desires our questions and he yearns for us to wrestle with him like Jacob. My brothers and sisters I invite you to wrestle with God, allow him to reveal your wounds and crosses so that you can come to know who he is. For our faith cannot just be on our minds, it cannot just be in our words and actions, but our faith must be rooted in Christ who loves us forever within our hearts. I am so proud of this community; may the love of Christ ignite our hearts.


God bless you,

Carson Phillips

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