May 26, 2019 – Seminarian Column

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is such a joy and blessing to be here for the summer! Thank you for your warm welcome. I look forward to getting to know everyone and all the experiences God has in store!

In the readings for this Sixth Sunday of Easter, we hear of instructions from the apostles, more of John’s vision in Revelation, and Jesus’ encouragement for all who follow him. In Acts, the apostles instruct their brothers to follow the simple laws they explain to them, for “it is the decision of the Holy Spirit,” as their message says. In his vision, John sees the holy city, Jerusalem, coming from heaven and says, “it gleamed with the splendor of God.” In the Gospel, Jesus says we must love him so that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will dwell within us. He later shares with his disciples, as he does with us, his peace. This peace is divine peace, peace from God, not of this world.

Brothers and sisters, we must “dedicate our lives to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Just as many saints have shown us throughout the ages, this is part of the journey to holiness, to heaven. Although it is in part our decision, it is really up to the Holy Spirit. We should be docile and open enough to the Holy Spirit and to God’s will in our lives to allow Him to work in us. If we are open to His will, dedicate our lives to His name, and follow Him, then He will dwell in us, we will have peace that radiates from us, and we will gleam with the contagious, beautiful, and loving splendor of God. Let us all be light for this world and spread the personal, deep, and real love of God!

Yours in Christ,

Dylan Prentice

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