May 5, 2019

Pastor’s Keyboard:

It has been said “the Measure of Love is to Love without Measure”.  Words easier spoken then lived, unless we make ourselves recipients of the greatest love of all, from the very source of love itself.  Our Lord is the source of Love. “God is love” and He desires to pour that love into us.  Yet, we are not always as open and responsive as we can and should be.  Why?  Often, it’s fear.  Fear of the unknown, what will He ask of me?  What might I have to clear out of my heart to make room?  Will I truly be happy with Him?  This can often be based off of disappointments that have come with those who claimed to love us, but then failed us in some way.  Or because we feel so unworthy of this love.

Yet, the Lord as in today’s gospel reaches out to us, nonetheless, calling us “My Beloved, My chosen One”.  He has often been called the hound of Heaven, and so indeed He is.  The only question we need to ask ourselves every day is “will I let myself be caught”.  As a young child, I remember my father playing with me.  Sometimes it was hide and go seek, and once he found me, he would let me run away from him and he would chase me.  Eventually, I always let myself be caught.  Why?  Because overtime I came to know and trust that when I did only Love and Joy awaited me in his arms.  As it was with my earthly father,   so it is much more and for all eternity with Our Heavenly Father.  Everyday Jesus seeks and finds you.  Stop running!


Your Brother and Father in Christ,

Fr Scott

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