January 6, 2019

Pastor’s Keyboard:

Merry Christmas! Is it still Christmas? I’m happy to say that we still have a week more to celebrate the coming of our Lord! This week we celebrate the Feast of the Three Kings. Why? Because, in the Three Kings, we see the pilgrimage that we are all called to make throughout our lives. We have seen Jesus’ star rise in the East, we have journeyed to follow Him, and now that we have encountered Him, we are called to tell the world the good news that the Savior has come.

In a number of European countries this is the day that children receive their Christmas presents. Why? Because they believe that we should not receive them until Jesus receives His presents. This is also a day when we are called to ask ourselves, “What can I give the Christ child?” The answer is, “myself.” This is the present that our Lord wants most. He wants us to give ourselves in service to Him, the church, and our neighbor. Since we are still in the beginning of this new year, this a good time to ask ourselves, how well have I served God, the church, and my neighbor this past year, and what can I do to serve them better in the year to come? The past is gone, the future may not come, all we have is today, let us live it well.

God has given to us the greatest present we could ever receive, His son Jesus. But like any present, unless we open the box, it is useless. The box is your heart, your mind. Let us be open to receive the Lord and we will be filled with His most Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of your faithful!


Your Brother and Father in Christ,

Fr Scott

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