December 9, 2018

Pastors Keyboard: A friend of mine recently gave me this quote “Wounded people wound people, healed people heal people.”  With my thoughts, with my words, with my actions, I either wound or I heal.  Jesus is often seen in the gospels healing people.  In fact, the blind, the lame, the disfigured, and the sick flock to him for healing.  Those with these physical ailments know they are sick, but we who have these same ailments, though of the mind and spirit, often don’t choose to acknowledge them and therefore can’t bring them to Him who can heal all our ills.

There is another old saying “Before God says go, he says, come.”  He wants us to come to Him with our sins, blindness, weaknesses, to admit to our need for Him and ask for Him to heal us.  This healing is a process, yet as we grow in Christ, we become healers, those who in thought, word and action bring Christ’s truth, love, and hope to the world.  This happens because as members of the Body of Christ the more we conform our hearts to His, through cooperation with His grace, we become like stain glass windows that allow Him to shine through us out into a darkened world.  But first we ourselves need to allow Him to show us where it is, we need to grow in virtue and knowledge of His truth. Then He will send us out to spread that healing message to all the world.  This is the reason we should especially strive to go to reconciliation frequently, pray daily, and review our consciences every night.  It is a long road but one that leads us and those we lead to Jesus and eternal Happiness.  That’s the road less traveled but worth traveling every day.


Your Brother and Father in Christ,

Fr Scott

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