December 2, 2018

Pastors Keyboard: As a priest, I made a promise to pray for the entire church and world five times a day, every day for the rest of my life.  The prayers are mostly made up of psalms from the Book of Psalms in the Bible.  As a teenager, whenever I was really upset or frustrated or angry with God, parents, friends, anything or anyone I often went to the book of Psalms to find one or more that could help me express these strong emotions to God the Father.  I always especially liked to go to them when I was really upset with God Himself.  Why, because I knew it came from a deep place and I needed to express that frustration and but not let it lead me to a dark place.  The beautiful thing is that a number of the psalmists (those inspired by God to write them) also had the same frustrations, and confusion as we at some of the things God did or allowed into their lives.  At times the psalms express this anger and feelings of betrayal in a much more blunt and direct way then I would have ever allowed myself, if I were not using the words of scripture.

Yet they always came back to trust in the Lord,  trust in His plans even when they could not understand them or see how they could end well.  The psalms allowed me to go up to the edge of the cliff and then lead me back to a place of deeper trust, hope, faith, and comfort then I could have had on my own.  I always tell people in difficult circumstances, who find themselves horrified by their frustration or anger with the Lord, to find and pray a Psalm that best helps them to express their current emotions to Him and then He will work through it to lead them back.  Not once has anyone ever not come back and thanked me for leading them to this rich Well of prayer.  It is not just for the priest, religious, monk, Holy retired person, but the Book of Psalms is waiting for us all.  No matter what the sorrow, joy, frustration, anger, hope, or injustice you are experiencing there is a psalm that is waiting to help you pray and heal.  Find your favorite psalm, memorize it and experience the power of Christ’s Word in your life in a new way that will always move you closer into the relationship you and I were made for.

Your Brother and Father in Christ,
Fr Scott
Psalm 133:2

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