July 22, 2018

Summer Seminarian Keyboard: Hello everyone! I would like to open this in thanks to all of you for your support and warm welcomes to both St. Cecilia and St. Peter Claver, to Fr. Scott for his great advice and direction, and to Jesus Christ for allowing me the opportunity to grow and develop over these few weeks I have already spent here. Thanks aside, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Marcus Lloyd, I recently graduated from St. Mary’s Ryken where I discerned that I may be called to the priesthood. Only by working for and alongside so many of you have I been able to begin my discernment on a much deeper level.

Being able to work alongside Fr. Scott has taught me so much about both the priesthood and myself. I have come to see the beautiful life of a priest in both the quiet hours of adoration and the fast-paced adventure, which is getting to Mass on time. Through praying the breviary and visiting parishioners, I have experienced both God’s infinite love and the love a shepherd feels for his flock. But most importantly, I have witnessed how joyous the priest’s life is. Through all your kind words and countless meals, you have shown me how a priest is never under appreciated by his people. All of you have shown me a slice of the love God feels for all of us.

On the few days I have off, I often reflect on how busy it could be when I am working. Though I greatly appreciated being able to sleep in on those days, I find myself desiring to be back at St. Cecilia and St. Peter Claver to help. I feel very fulfilled when I’m there, as if I’m meant to be right there at that exact moment. Therefore, I can now say with greater conviction that I truly believe I am called to the priesthood. It is only by being able to serve all of you that I have been able to experience the life of the priest. It is only by all your loving support that I can see how priests are not lonely or discouraged. It is only by the grace of God that I have been able to see that He has a plan for my life, just as He has for all of you. So, I thank you all once again and ask for your prayers not only for me but for all my brother seminarians around the world who wish only to accomplish the will of God and always know that we are praying for you.

Humbly Yours,

Marcus P. Lloyd


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