July 8, 2018

Summer Helper Keyboard: Salutations. My name is Chris Limjuco and I am one of Father Scott’s Helpers this summer. I am a student at Ave Maria University in Florida earning my B.A. degree in Music with a Concentration in Vocal Performance. My home parish is St. John’s Francis Regis in Hollywood, but after this summer, I may have to change my parishioner status.

I first came to know Fr. Scott through the Quo Vadis Program during my sophomore year of high school. Although I did not think of my future college during my years of high school, it was through the many opportunities that this Catholic Community presented to me, fostered by our priests, I had eventually decided to go to Ave Maria University and pursue my two joys: God and Music.

Through Fr. Scott’s Summer Program, I have been regularly attending daily Mass and Adoration, Communion and Liberation with other young adults on Mondays, St. Cecilia’s Youth Group on Tuesdays, helping with music for Bible Studies and the Wild Goose Meetings on Wednesdays, and serving for Mass, weddings, and funerals.

Being able to cultivate a routine of service and prayer has been a great blessing in my life and my discernment of vocation. It has given me great pleasure to be here. I want to thank you for this opportunity to serve you and to pursue the Lord throughout my daily life this summer.

Pace e Bene,

Christopher Limjuco

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