June 24, 2018

Summer Seminarian Keyboard:

My name is Jacob Redmond and I am one of the Summer Seminarians working for Fr. Scott. My two sisters and I grew up in King George, VA, but went to school in Maryland. My parents thought it was important that I receive a Catholic education, so I attended Archbishop Neale in La Plata and then St. Mary’s Ryken. My home parish is Sacred Heart in La Plata, though our family used to attend St. Ignatius at Chapel Point.


While at Saint Mary’s Ryken I came to know Fr. Scott through the spiritual direction program. When I started spiritual direction, I was not open to the seminary. But God had other things planned. I thought that my gifts were for what I wanted to do and if God didn’t interfere with my plan we could be friends. After graduating high school, I worked at St. John’s Summer Program. Through Adoration and Mass, I realized half way through the Summer that I could not give God conditions for following Him, but rather that I had to be open to whatever He wanted. With the Lord’s will in mind, I headed down to Florida to attend Ave Maria University. Ave Maria was the perfect institution for me to discern the Lord’s will. There was no excuse not to be striving for holiness and I knew it. Through my experience there, I concluded that God was calling me to the seminary. I applied and received my acceptance later that school year. As my freshman year ended, I packed my bags for St. Mary’s County to work for Fr. Scott.


I did not know what to expect when coming to St. Mary’s County, but I quickly noticed the fruits that come from a community centered around the Eucharist. I can see the beauty even in the most remedial of tasks of a parish priest. I’ve noticed that when I am doing the Lord’s will there has been a pattern: a change within me, via God’s grace. This in no way reflects myself but rather the opportunities that I have been given. I can promise you that I won’t be the same man that I was at the beginning of the summer. This is because of the opportunity that this parish and Fr. Scott have given me. I thank you for this chance to grow in holiness, and I look forward to a fruitful summer.


In Christ,

Jacob Redmond


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