May 13, 2018

Pastor’s Keyboard: This past week I celebrated the anniversary of two significant events in my life; my birthday and the sixteenth anniversary of my being ordained a Deacon. Yes, I was not just ordained a priest.  About a year before a young man is ordained a priest, he must first be ordained to what is called the Transitional Diaconate as opposed to the Permanent Diaconate (those who will never be ordained priest but have discerned a call to the service of the Lord as deacons for the rest of their lives).

I still remember that momentous day sixteen years ago at St. Bernadette in Silver Spring, Maryland. I was just 26 years old. I was to make my first promises to God and His Church that I would obey the Bishop (as the Chief Shepherd of the church) and that I would be committed to a life of celibacy “for the sake of the Kingdom” as Jesus had put it.  This day was also the start of my final year of preparation for the priesthood, and a time to intensely pray.

I started to pray daily for my future parishes and parishioners, asking the good Lord to bless you and to help me be a good priest for you.  Still, these many years later, my prayer is the same for each of you.  Please pray for me too. I was ordained as a Deacon to serve as Christ the Servant. Please pray for me that I may always do as the Lord has said, “I have come to serve not to be served”.  May I also continue to live out this service not only in what I do but in how I pray for you all.

Your Brother and Father in Christ,

Fr Scott

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