April 22, 2018

Pastor’s Keyboard: All three of the catholic parishes in the first district came together this past Monday, as we do every year, to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This year it was hosted by St Peter Claver. We had 31 young people receive the gift of Confirmation.  Bishop Dorsonville (auxiliary bishop of Washington) was the celebrant and Fr Lee Fangmyer, Fr Peter Giovanni, Fr Damien Shadwell, and myself concelebrated the mass.

The music was amazing, as usual, and we had the young people lecture the readings for the mass. They all did a beautiful job.  Then came the most nerve racking part of a confirmation mass, the homily! Or to be particular, the part of the homily where the Bishop asks the young people questions.  The Bishop asked many good questions, and later told me that the youth had answered them very well.  He was impressed not only by how well they answered, but also the confidence they had when responding.  The Bishop’s homily and questions was peppered with many jokes, and good teachings. The Bishop then used the questions as an opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of Sunday Mass, and the need for Jesus in the Eucharist.

When it was time for the actual Confirmation ceremony, everything went smoothly, and the young people took it very seriously.  By the end of the mass many were swaying to the lovely music, and even the Bishop turned to me to say how inspired he was by the joy, and beauty of the gospel music.

Now, we must all pray for these new adults in the faith.  We need to pray that they might allow the Holy Spirit to really reign in their lives, so that they might seek a deep, and abiding relationship with Him, and our Blessed Mother. We should also pray for their families, that they will take living the faith seriously, and strive to encourage these young people by their own example of faithfulness.  I have a feeling that we have some rough days ahead of us as a culture, and it will become much harder in the future to live as an authentic Christian (especially as a Catholic).  So, they will need all our prayers, and sacrifices.  My favorite statement from the Bishop to these young people and to us all was this, “Some say that you are the future of the church.  You are not only the future of the church, but also the Present of the church!”  It is true, and may it remain so.

Your Brother in Christ,

Father Scott

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