February 11, 2018

Pastors Keyboard: “Father, what is your favorite liturgical season? Advent? Easter? Christmas, perhaps? Wait you like Ordinary time!?” My answer: No, Lent is my favorite season. “Lent!  How could Lent be your favorite Season?” is the usual reply I get.

I believe that Lent is the season that best prepares the soul for God.  There is an old African American saying that goes, “The Word of God wants to cut you, gut you, and sew you back up.” That is exactly what Lent wants to do for us, if we allow it.  The only way this can happen is if you plan well your penances, sacrifices, and good works.

Lent is an invitation by the church to enter the Way of the Cross, into Our Lords passion.  Here we are purified, sanctified, and rectified and made ready for the Coming if the Lord!

So “Prepare Ye For the Coming of the Lord!”  Don’t let Ash Wednesday catch you unexpectedly.  Plan now some good penitential practices and some good works that challenge you daily to be stretched.  In this way you will be well prepared, and many graces will flow too you, through you, and out to others around you.

Your Father and Brother in Christ,

Fr Scott

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