February 4, 2018

Pastors Keyboard: “Do you ever sleep, Father?” This is a question I get often. It’s a question that I both hate and love. I hate it because it makes me think, “Maybe I don’t get enough sleep”. I love it because it makes me think, “I must be working really, really hard”, which sadly leads to pride.

Recently, a teen from our teen group talked to me about how much they love sleep.  I must admit, I’m not one who can identify with that.  I think it comes from my father.  I feel so blessed. There is always so much good I can do during the day and at night that I wish I didn’t have to sleep.  I have always felt that, like my dad, I was wired to stay on the move.  Obviously, there are benefits to a lot of sleep, just as there are to get a lot of work done.  Yet St. Thomas teaches us that the virtue lies in the mean (the middle way). So, to be virtues one must get enough sleep to give the body and mind the rest they need and yet not over sleep or even crave it too much.

We are called to be virtuous, every one of us, and to strive for it in our decisions and actions.  Therefore, I am going to be working on getting more sleep. I will try to take an occasional nap (power nap) and end the meetings a little earlier.  Man was not made for work but to glorify God in the way he lives and balances work and rest.

Most of us tend to one of the extremes (or at least some of us do) and so we need to aim for the virtue by knowing ourselves and not being afraid to recognize our need to grow toward the virtue. Easy, No!  Doable, Yes!  With God’s help.  Please pray that I seek out this virtue, and I pray you will too.

Your brother and friend in Christ,
Fr. Scott

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