September 10, 2017

Pastor’s Keyboard: The celebration of the Mass is an act of the whole assembly gathered for worship. In the Mass, the Church is joined to the action of Christ. We are joined to this divine action through Baptism, which incorporates us into the risen Christ. This action, which lies at “the center of the whole of Christian life” is initiated not by us but by God acting in and through the Church as the Body of the risen Christ. The liturgy is designed to bring about in all those who make up the worshipping assembly a “participation of the faithful, namely in body and in mind, a participation fervent with faith, hope, and charity. To the extent that we are able to participate in this way, the work of redemption becomes personally effective for each of us. By such participation we make the actions and prayers of the liturgy our own; we enter more fully into our personal communication with Christ’s redeeming act and perfect worship. “in the celebration of the Mass the faithful form a holy people, a people of God’s own possession and a royal priesthood, so that they may give thanks to God and offer the unblemished sacrificial Victim not only by means of the hand of the priest but also together with him, and so that they may learn to offer their very selves. They should, moreover, take care to show this by their deep religious sense and their charity towards brothers and sisters who participate with them in the same celebration…. Moreover, they are to form one body, whether in hearing the word of God, or in taking part in the prayers and in the singing, or above all by the common offering of the Sacrifice and by participating together at the Lord’s table.” The participation of each person in the liturgy is important. Each person needs to do his or her part. — USCCB

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