March 19, 2017

Pastor’s Keyboard: Hopefully everyone heard the good news. We have a new auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Washington! It is a great blessing, because Bishop-Elect Roy Campbell is an active pastor and priest from our very own archdiocese. His story is remarkable, because he answered his vocation to the priesthood later in life. Before his ordination, he was the vice-president of a Bank of America branch but was also a very active member of his parish (the same home parish as myself)!

Most dioceses have only a single bishop. Large archdioceses, which are usually headed by cardinals, often get an assistant bishop or two to assist the archbishop in his ministry. An auxillary bishop helps the archbishop with confirmations, ordinations, visitations to parishes and many other duties proper to a bishop.

Sadly, Bishop-Elect Roy Campbell will no longer be pastor of a parish. He has been blessed to be the pastor of St. Joseph Church in Largo, Maryland, for many years, where he is beloved by his parishioners. Being 69 years of age and very healthy, he was hoping to stay as pastor of the parish until his retirement at 75. However, God has called him to fulfill a greater calling.

Bishop-Elect Campbell and the parishioners of St. Joseph Church need our prayers. I also encourage you to read more about him in the most recent Catholic Standard ( He is a great homilist and administrator. We are blessed to have him, and I look forward to him visiting our parish soon.

Your Brother and Father in Christ,
Fr. Scott

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