November 5, 2016

By the time you read this Pastors keyboard you will have realized that I was not the Celebrant of your mass this morning. No, I’m not on vacation, and I’m not sick. As you know I’m one of two assistant vocation directors for the Archdiocese (one who helps to foster priestly vocations) and in that capacity, I sometimes help with vocations events. These events help young men to discern if the Lord may be calling them to join the Seminary or to discern the call more deeply. Over the years we have been blessed to have a good number of young men from our area, to discern a call, to learn, and pray more deeply about the priesthood. Many of these young men have discerned that this was not their call and some are now happily married and raising good holy and devout families, while others are engaged, and still a good number of others are still in seminary discerning. A few young men have already been ordained, and we hope to see many more.

This weekend I will be at the Saint John Paul II Seminary helping with what I will call our most important event of the year. It’s called the Qou Vadis Retreat. The Latin translation of Qou Vadis is “Where Are You Going”. The purpose of the retreat is to help these Juniors and Seniors in high School to begin to ask themselves this question and to turn toward the Lord to ask Him “where do YOU wish me to go Lord”. Then if He directs them to the Seminary they can then ask to apply. I ask that you pray for the priest and seminarians who are running the retreat and most especially the many young men who are participants. It is not an easy thing to discern a call now these days, especially from the culture we live in, and at such a young age. I think therefore the church wisely has them discern this call for 8 years before making promises and ordination. I hope to take up between 5 and 8 young men from our area. I will be returning Sunday afternoon in time for the college mass at St Mary’s College. Thank you for your prayers for vocations and for your patience with me as I continue to strive to serve you and all those the Lord puts in my path.

Your Father and Brother in Christ,

Fr. Scott